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As of now, the world critically needs a vacation.
82% of Europe needs a vacation.
87% of America needs a vacation.
83% of Middle East / Africa needs a vacation.
76% of Asia Pacific needs a vacation.


Hilton Encourages UK Workers To Use Vacation Days As Survey Reveals Millions Of Employees Lose A Quarter Of Entitled Annual Leave

Vacationitis Outbreak A new Hilton Hotels & Resorts study reveals that 4.5 million people are losing more than six days of annual leave each year, due to reasons including being worried about losing their job or looking bad in front of their boss. One in 20 even admitted they take just half of the time off they are entitled to, saying that using every day of their annual leave is frowned upon in their workplace. These results show that Britain’s workforce is suffering from Vacationitis – a condition coined earlier this year by Hilton and affecting those who fail to take enough time off from work. Hilton is encouraging employees to check their annual leave balance during “International Use it or Lose it Week”, November 18 – 22, to combat this global epidemic.

2013: Hilton Study Finds Vacationitis Outbreak Imminent in U.K.

Vacationitis Outbreak To help us get a better understanding of the growing Vacationitis epidemic in the United Kingdom, we commissioned a study among 2,000 workers in the U.K. The results speak for themselves: Britons enjoy just eight days of their average 24 days annual leave because the rest of the time is taken up with ‘domestic admin’.

2003: Leisure Time Is Endangered, New Hilton Leisure Time Advocacy Survey Reports

Hilton Leisure Time Advocacy The 2003 Leisure Time Advocacy Survey commissioned by Hilton focused on Americans’ typical workday and non-workday activities, amount of leisure time, hobbies, vacation activities and attitudes toward vacations.

2000: Hilton Study Shows Generational Groups Share Similar Views On Work Stresses And Lack Of Leisure Time

Time: a continuous measurable quality in which events occur in apparently irreversible order Research from a 2000 study commissioned by Hilton focused on American perceptions of work and leisure time based on four generational groups.

1997: Hilton Simplification Survey Shows Americans Work Twice As Much As Play And Need Vacations To Recuperate

Simplify Your Live. simplify. A 1997 survey commissioned by Hilton explored Americans’ behaviors, attitudes and values relating to the complexity of their lives and any perceived need to simplify.

1994: Americans Crave More Getaways, But Feel Restrained By Work, Reports Hilton Vacation Values Survey

BounceBack Weekend A 1994 study commissioned by Hilton shows that while most people say they need a vacation “now,” work and home responsibilities often keep them from taking full advantage of their deserved break.

1991: Hilton Times Value Survey Reveals “Time” Has Moved To Top Of America’s Priority List

1-900-WEEKEND: The best weekends away...begin at home. According to a 1991 Time Values Survey commissioned by Hilton, finding time for both work and personal life became so critical that a majority of working Americans said they would be willing to take less pay to get more time off.

1989: From Destinations And Dining, Children Express Clear Preference For Travel Specifics

Hilton Vacation Station A U.S. survey commissioned by Hilton on children and travel conducted between December 28, 1989, and January 4, 1990, found that children have distinct preferences for travel.

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